Lead Line Cook

Washington Redskins

Full Time
Washington Redskins
Ashburn, VA

Job Details

The Washington Redskins are seeking a qualified individual to work in our "state of the art" kitchen and join our kitchen staff as a Lead Line Cook. 

The Lead Line Cook is expected to:

  • Have sound technical skills and be willing to learn and grow
  • Learn to work on every station on the line, place orders with all of our purveyors, and learn all the ins and outs of our kitchen
  • Be self-motivated and willing to tackle any project in the kitchen
  • Follow all safety, sanitation and food handling procedures
  • Maintain a clean work area at all times
  • Anticipate guest levels rising or falling and maintain dining room appearance
  • Complete routine cleaning assignments
  • Safely and properly handle all kitchen equipment and small wares
  • Keep involved in the back of the house and check and recheck station and counters for cleanliness
  • Plan ahead and be organized

Day to day job duties include but are not limited to:

  • Check for quality of product and freshness.  Alert the Executive Chef to anything that does not seem "First Class"
  • Set up breakfast, lunch and dinner line station and maintain appearance and quality of food product on line so only "First Class" dishes are served
  • Work alongside the Executive Chef and Sous Chef in preparing dishes for each meal service
  • Follow through on daily prep and/or production list that are given for the day and double check any items that may be below or not up to given standards
  • Keep up on all cleaning and preventative maintenance list and follow up with Executive Chef if something appears out of ordinary
  • Work alongside Executive and Sous Chef in maintaining storage and walk ins so the product is put away and rotated following FIFO standard
  • Ensure that anything produced from a production sheet is labeled and put in appropriate place
  • Make sure that any item that is prepared in the kitchen is prepared in accordance with given food safety standards and follow only the highest standards
  • Keep station organized for speed of service and place prep items to be used in cold reach ins
  • Keep all storage areas organized and up to date following a FIFO standard and basic food service handling
  • Maintain uniform standards and follow scheduled in times

We have a brick oven, woks, a smoker, circulators, as well as the latest in high-end equipment to explore and have fun with. If you wish to become a part of this dynamic, fast paced organization and you meet the requirements listed above, please respond with a resume, cover letter and salary requirements.

NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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