Warehouse Administrator

First & Goal Hospitality/CenturyLink Field

Full Time
First & Goal Hospitality/CenturyLink Field
Seattle, WA

Job Details

Position Summary: Purchase and maintain inventory levels and dispersal of all food , beverage and bar products. Establish and maintain the most effective purchasing and receiving procedures. Control inventory levels and record keeping of all transfers to ensure cost controls are in place. Ensure the most accurate accounting procedures for food and beverage costs on a monthly basis.

Essential Duties & Responsibilites:


  • Order food, beverage and mini bar products based on established par levels
  • Work colsely with Distrbution Manager in order to achieve and maintain best quality prices
  • Provide Concessions, Suites, Catering & Restaurant departments with special pricing requirements or needs on a case by case basis
  • Maintenance of the Food & Bevearge purchase orders and ensure invoicing is accurate


  • Check all food & Beverage deliveries for quantity and quality using daily order sheets
  • Compare unit price on invoices to quotation or contract prices to ensure purveyor is charging correctly
  • Ensure that "equest for credit" or return procecdures is adhered to and reflected on invoices
  • Stamp and code invoices
  • Complete Food & Bevearage receiving sheet
  • Reconcile total food, bevearge and min-bar purchases with accounting monthly


  • Assist in placing food & beverage supplies in their proper storage areas
  • Monitor that all products are being properly stored and rotated using the FIFO method
  • Monitor that  requisitions are properly completed and signed
  • Ensure all liquor bottles are stamped and empty bottles are destroyed
  • Maintain a neat, organized and well stocked storeroom facility


  • Count all food, beverage and bar inventories on a monthly basis
  • Price and extend inventories
  • Establish and monitor par stocks with Executive Chef and F&B Management
  • Reord all transfers and cost of sales adjustments


To preform this job successfully an individual must be able to preform each essential duty to a satisfactory standard. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge skill and/or ability required.


Bachelor Degree in Finance, Accounting or Business or equivalent experience


Prior experience in Purchasing/Storeroom or related field



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